(vers)ing, 2010
dvd 9:56

video collaboration with Barbara Sternberg   

Vers, moving toward something, around a certain time.
Versing to express in verse.
Conversing to talk informally with another or others; exchange views, opinions by talking.
vers(ing) opens in a coffee shop. People, sit, enter and exit. A conversation is heard. The video continues, traveling through the streets of a city, to a park, to other coffee shops, other places. No particular destination is reached, but as we travel, fragments of text are read, conversations are heard, settings, people and objects are noticed. 
vers(ing) presents a moving toward that is transitory and offers a poetic contemplation of how life, meaning, and film are intertwined and constructed.
“I believe I’ve never mistaken fiction for reality, though I have mixed them together more than once, as everyone does.” Javier Marias, Dark Back of Time

vers(ing) is distributed by www.vtape.org
Screened at 13th Parkdale Film and Video Showcase, Toronto, 2011