Song, 2001

video/sculpture installation

video monitor, shelf, VHS tape, sculpture made of Japanese tissue, acrylic media
overall size 64 x 39 x 38 component 1:17

Song consists of a repeated video sequence (1 minute 17 seconds) and a sculptural form. The video monitor sits on a shelf and is turned on its side so the monitor has a portrait format image; the video is a close up shot of a child singing the song “Blowin’ in the Wind”. He sings very intently and with expression, although with no noticeable awareness of the song’s meaning. The monitor acts as the ‘head’ for the sculptural body form, which is made of layers of Japanese tissue and acrylic medium. 

Exhibited at +15, The New Gallery, Calgary, AB, 2004     
Exhibited at Toronto Works, curated by Julie Saragosa, Katie Varney and Sylvie Wisniewski, organized by Pleasure Dome, Latvian House, Toronto, 2003
Exhibited in ‘BodyWorks’, two-person show, curated by Marcie Lawrence, and Linda Paulocik, organized through AGO’s Artist with their Work programme, The Station Gallery, Whitby, ON, 2001