Shred, 2010

performance at Fly By Night
Nuit Blanche, 
October 2, 2010
Gladstone Hotel,Toronto

curated by Christina Zeidler and Britt Welter-Nolan

Throughout the duration of Nuit Blanche, dressed like the miller’s daughter from Rumpelstiltskin, and like Rapunzel, Sandra Gregson performed in a small room. With her,  was a stack of encyclopedias and a paper shredder. Rather than spinning gold, she undid our collected ‘knowledge’.

Page by page, Sandra shredded the encyclopedia, allowing the shreds to accumulate around her. By the end of nuit blanche, she was buried under shredded paper.

Viewers were invited to browse through the encyclopedia, select a page they wished to have shredded. The accumulated shreds left knowledge as transitory, incomplete, obsolete, and overwhelming.