meditating with wasps2008
dvd 4:30

Meditating with wasps is video about a woman meditating with wasps buzzing around her. The woman’s meditating chant, ommmm, blends with the wasps’ buzzing sound, linking the two elements: the quiet meditation of the woman, and the active movement and noise of the wasps. Tension builds as the wasps persist, and the woman continues her chant. meditation with wasps presents the viewer with literal, humorous, and allegorical possibilities.

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screened at Alternative Film/Video Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2008
screened at 10th Parkdale Film and Video Showcase, Toronto, 2008
included in ‘Under New Management’, curated video storefront project by Suzanne Carte-Blanchenot & Su-Ying Lee,Toronto, 2010