During March and April 2018, I participated in an Art Residence at SIM (Association of Icelandic Artists) in Reykjavik, Iceland. 
My initial intent was to consider the way Iceland is being re-shaped due to the melting of the glacial ice (the island loses about 11 billion tons per year) and rising seawater; I imagined Iceland becoming submerged.

I became intrigued by the changing weather and light in Iceland; for example, from Reykjavik it was possible to see glaciers, particularly Snaefellnes. I explored this evanesce of the glacier, how it appeared or seemingly vanished and the work became about loss, the possible disappearance of the glaciers.

SIM has two locations in Reykjavik and during March I was staying in an area known as Korpulfstaddir which is about 11 kilometres from the city centre.  It is situated on a fjord with Mount Esja on the other side and everyday I walked or biked along the fjord. It was often windy. Very windy. 

I loved the colours: the light ochre of the tussocks, the silver of the ice, blues, greys of the water, white of the snow covered mountains. The sky could be white, or blue, or grey, Somedays you could see great distances, across the ocean to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula; other days you couldn't see the mountains across the fjord. 

All works shown are water-based oil on panel.

Iceland weather.jpg
Installation at SIM Gallery, March 2018

Installation at SIM Gallery, March 2018